Apricot Jam

Teenie Finley (TDY13094) “Holidays and Special Occasions”

Fresh Mango Salsa by Curtis & Paula Eakins

Fresh Mango Salsa

Curtis & Paula Eakins (TDY15066) “Gluten Free and Delicious”

Kimmy's Ketchup by The Holmes Sisters

Kimmy’s Ketchup

The Holmes Sisters (DDCC000003) Creative Cooking “Condiments”

Tartar Sauce by Curtis & Paula Eakins

Tartar Sauce

Curtis & Paula Eakins (TDY15065) “Quick and Easy Meals”

Vegan Garden Herb Cheese Spread

Mark Anthony (TDY14046) “Say Cheese Please”

Roasted Red Pepper Dip

Mark Anthony (TDY13105) “Simply Incredible Italian”

Italian Hummus

Mark Anthony (TDY13105) “Simply Incredible Italian”

Better than Butter

Inskip Allsop, Dorrel McLaren (TDY#13080)

Chef Reilly’s Hummus Recipe

Greg Reilly (TDY#13022)

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